Vehicles generally seems to need more attention when they starts getting older, the cost of car maintenance for older vehicles is way more than newer ones.

Brand new vehicles can be used for a long time without the need for servicing and all that. Changing oil filter, radiator coolant, transmission oil and engine oil are the only exception to this.

Now talking about car maintenance tips and guide for servicing automobiles in general, we’ll like to clear things up, and give you some really important times that is very effective for any vehicles.

There’s also the need to embrace auto-tech and make your smart phone an ally and/or closest automotive technician in times of minor bugs in the well-function of your vehicle.

Content Outline:

 The Top 10 Best Car Maintenance Tips

Here are the top 10 best car maintenance tips to help you keep your vehicles at top shape always. They are to be followed alongside your manufacturur’s advice. We’ll update it from time to time or as soon as there’s a need for it.

You can improve on these car maintenance recommendations by adding yours in the comments section below.

1. Read your car’s manual

You need to pay attention to the owner’s manual, aside from the vehicles you drive, your regular maintenance schedule is included here.

You will avoid the old core myths like changing your oils every three thousand miles, unless the manuals said that you should. All car lovers already know how important this basic thing is.

 2. Replace Air Filters in Time

Changing of air filter every 12 months or for every twelve thousand miles will do more good to your vehicle than none.

All you need do is, get a new air filter (recommended by your car’s manufacturer), pay a mechanic or do it yourself at home in a minute or more following online how-to guides.

3. Change Windshield Wipers in Time

Changing of windshield wipers is another area of car maintenance that most young dudes usually ignore. The free installation of wipers only applies, if you buy one of the most expensive products for your car, you can always do this yourself if budget issues is a problem.

But you must know that a wiper blade setup differs a bit from one car to another, so you need to follow the steps according to the owner’s manual or the how-to guide instruction linked above.

4. Carry out Some Routine Check Regularly

Under the hood: You need to do a necessary checks regularly with your car, it does not need for you to be a mechanic to do these routine checks.

Regular monitoring of your vehicle is one of the things that you need to consider, it will help you to avoid bigger repair issues, problems and car breakdown.

5. Be Mindful of the Tire Pressure

Checking of your tire pressure from time to time is another car maintenance tips you must learn not to ignore. Having a proper tire pressure will keep you safe and your family, even saving you from problems and expenses.

It is very important to keep an eye with the pressure of the car’s tire, it may change because of long miles travel and changes in temperature.

6. Tires Rotation is Important

Rotating your car tires is another good car maintenance culture to imbibe. For every five thousand mile or ten thousand miles, changing your tire position from front to back, or back to front will help you extend the life of your tires, that will save you from future damages, risk and spending money for fast replacement.

 7. Keep your Vehicle Clean

Keeping your car clean always is necessary for smooth running and longevity. One of the most important part to consider is maintaining your car from being clean, all day long, our car is exposed to sun, grease, grime and many others like the acidic compound of bird poop.

All of this can harm your car’s paint, washing your car and keeping it clean can avoid damage and save you the unnecessary car repair budgets and expenses.

8. Change Fuel Filters in Time

Replacing fuel filter is another must-adhere-to car maintenance guide. It is one of the important factors that determines the good functioning of your vehicle, even though it often overlooked by many.

The car’s fuel filter is always on duty whenever your ignition is switched on and pump of the fuel is active. Replacement is necessary, don’t wait until it gets really bad or even worse.

9. Change Power Steering Oil/Fluid on Time

The power steering oil/fluid needs be changed as often as necessary. From your car part replacement calendar, power steering fluid is in less concerned, but still it is advisable that you will give a proper consideration for it, because it lubricates the system and keep the steering more consistent.

10. Monitor Electrical Components & Lights

Regularly checking the lights and electrical components of the vehicle is another maintenance aspect of your car that needs not be ignored.

For your safety travel, always make sure that your car part like lights, horns, is well functioning. This will help you avoid accidents and other unknown risk,  safely challenges and general problems.



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